Why you should work with Tommy Cuff

I created Tommy Cuff Personal Training with the aim of helping others get fitter and stronger in ways they never thought possible. Your health is priceless and I am here to help you become the best version of yourself. Improving your health and fitness is a commitment to yourself. It requires, discipline and an understanding that you are responsible for your actions. I will make a full commitment to you, by giving 100% and I expect nothing less in return. There are 168 hours in the week, so if you are only seeing me for 3 hours a week, that leaves165 hours remaining...  Just saying!!! I focus on building a foundation of strength and improving your range of motion, so that you can function to the best of your ability. I will work closely with you to ingrain and improve technique so that you can lift safely and feel confident about training.

The way I work...

As a foundation I help you to implement small changes in your habits which lead to important and lasting changes to your lifestyle. 

I look to instil good movement patterns which are constantly reinforced by correct repetition and teaching. In teaching the basic strength moves, improvements in fitness, body composition, co-ordination and core strength and self confidence are increased.  Utilising other training variables and movements for assistance work we can build on any areas that need further attention (weak areas). 

Creating the right mindset is an integral part to reaching your goals.

Why choose a Personal Trainer...  

Whatever the reason, I am here to guide you to overcome obstacles and achieve your fitness goals. Frequency of training depends on an individual's specific goals, however you will benefit from 3 sessions per week.

There are many reasons why you may wish to work with a personal trainer and these include struggling to get results, don’t know where to start, you need motivation and/or accountability for your training.



Fitness Hub, Units 5-6, Circus Parade, New England Parade, Brighton BN1 4GW


Please enquire for availability and a time to train that suits you...


How we will work together






Together we will build a relationship, that increases strength both emotionally and physically. Attention is paid to the emotional mind set.  




As a foundation, I help you to implement small changes in your habits which lead to important and lasting changes to your lifestyle.

I see this as symbiotic relationship, working together on a common goal.